7 Sex Positions Your Partner Has Probably Never Tried

No matter how experienced your partner might be, there’s a
good chance they haven’t tried all the sex positions out there. You have to
figure if you take a
look at the Kama Sutra
, that boasts at least a hundred, then take into
consideration sex positions that evolved from that or modified versions that
people came up with on their own, there are probably hundreds and hundreds of sex
positions from which to choose
. Maybe even a thousand, depending on how
flexible you are!

Having so many sex positions at the tips of our fingers is
great. Not just because sex is awesome, but because trying new positions is a fantastic way to experiment, explore, and have even more fun in bed. You don’t
really know what a good time is until you fall onto the floor with your partner
while trying to pull off some position that looked far easier on paper than it actually
is to execute in real life. You also don’t know what a good time is until you
have to explain to your friends that your
sprained wrist is a sex injury

The point is that your partner
may not have tried all the positions that you have and vice versa. With that
comes the opportunity to explore together, and what’s better than that? So, of all the sex positions out there in the world, here are
seven your partner probably hasn’t tried.

1. The Crab Walk

How to do it: First of all, get off the bed. Once you’re on the floor, both you
and your partner should get into the crab position — yes, let those gym class
flashbacks remind you how to do this. If you have no flashbacks, what you want
to do is, while sitting facing each other, bend your knees and lean back a bit
on your hands. Next, with your partner keeping their feet flat on the floor,
you want to lift your hips so you lower yourself onto them.

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: Um,
because how many people have? I’ve been having sex for almost 20 years and I’ve
never tried this position. I’m not knocking the position or even judging it,
but really? That’s one hell of an entanglement to get yourself into when you
just want to get off.

2. Standing Rear Entry

How to do it: While standing, bend over as far as you can — even touch your toes if you’re flexible enough — and have your partner
penetrate you from behind. You can use your hands on the floor or on your knees
to brace yourself from falling, along with your partner’s hands on your hips to keep your steady.

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: While
I’m sure your partner has had stand-up sex before (maybe?), there’s a good
chance they haven’t done this one. Not because it’s necessarily difficult, but
it’s a position that requires quite a bit of balance on both your parts, as
this particular position doesn’t include a wall. Balance isn't everybody's strong suit. 

3. The Cross

How to do it: If you envision this as you’re sitting on your
partner’s lap while lying down, then you’ll get a better picture of how to do
this one. Envisioned? OK; good. So with your partner on their side, facing you,
lie yourself across them to — you guessed it! — make a cross. Next, you’ll have
to deal with the combined effort of getting their penis inside you, which is
fun, because “yeah, teamwork!”

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: Although
this is a great position, especially if your partner is a little speed demon in
bed because it will slow them down, it’s not one that many people think of when
they think of a good ol’ fashion bang, you know? It’s more of a "let’s lounge
and maybe eat Chinese food while we do this" type of position.

4. The Double Cowgirl

How to do it: You’re going to need a buddy for this one; a
female buddy to be exact. Once you have procured a female friend who once in on
this, have your partner lie on his back and have him prepare to find himself in
heaven. Next, while one of you straddles his hips, the other straddles his face.
So, to put it bluntly, he has his tongue in one vagina and his penis in the
other. So. Hot.

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: According to a
March 2016 study, only 24 percent of men and eight percent of women report
having been in a threesome
at some point in their lives. By those numbers
alone, there’s a pretty decent size chance that your partner hasn’t tried this
particular position — you probably haven’t either. So… you know, you only live
once! Consider it!

5. The Advanced Crab Walk

How to do it: For this one, you want to get into
the “the crab walk” position, as mentioned above. But what makes it so advanced
is that your legs go from being draped over your partner’s legs to being on
their shoulders. Honestly, this position doesn’t allow for much movement, at
least an in-out type of movement, so you’ll need to gyrate quite a bit.

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: Basic math
tells me that if your partner has probably never tried the crab walk position,
they’ve probably never tried the advanced
crab walk position. But I’ve never been good at math, so maybe I’m wrong. (Although,
I doubt it this time.)

6. Coital Alignment

How to do it: Coital alignment is similar to missionary in
some ways, but where the difference lies is that your pelvis is a bit higher
than your partner’s pelvis. Also, your legs are locked around them so you can
maneuver your hips in such a way to make sure your clitoris is getting all the
— that’s actually what this position is all about.

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: When people get
into the missionary position that’s usually where they stay. Not
often do people reach for a pillow to put under their hips or align themselves in
clitoral-stimulating way
. It’s just not something that comes to mind.
Missionary is missionary; sometimes that’s where the night starts and stops, and
sometimes that’s where the night begins… before switching over to the beloved
doggy style position

7. The Splitter

How to do it: After you lie on your back, have your partner
straddle one of your legs while penetrating you. (It sounds trickier than it
is.) Whatever leg isn’t straddle by your partner is then lifted, so it rests on
your partner’s shoulder or against their chest.

Why your partner has probably never tried this position: Honestly, the
splitter position just doesn’t get much love. While it’s great for getting really
deep with the penetration, it just doesn’t show up on the menu very often.
Which, now that I’ve addressed this topic, maybe that will change.

The best part about your partner not having tried a sex
position, is that it’s your chance to introduce them to something new. If it’s
a situation where neither or you have ever tried it, then you get to experience
a new position together, and that’s even more exciting. So, when it comes to
sex positions, don’t be afraid to talk about what you’ve tried, what you haven’t,
and what’s on the top of your sexual bucket list.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle

The 6 Sex Toys Every Man Needs

Like pubic hair at age 11, most men’s knowledge of all the sexual buttons on their bodies (and what happens when you press them) isn’t that well developed.

In fact, in 2014, the now-defunct lad’s mag FHM conducted an online poll of 5,000 men, which found that less than half have ever used a sex toy. But there is light at the end of the, ahem, tunnel. Sales of personal pleasure gadgets have risen by 1,000 per cent in the past decade.

With that in mind, we thought we’d offer a helping hand in pulling together a list that brings a whole new meaning to boys and their toys. Read on to join the gentleman’s club where there’s only one member. Yours.

Blow Job Toys

Blowjobs on demand? Now that we have your attention, it’s time to talk about one of the most common male sex toys. Masturbatory machines like the industry-leading Fleshlight and Tenga Flip Hole are head (easy, now) and shoulders above their competitors, but virtually all get the job done in the same way.

The fits-like-a-glove gizmos use a penis-hugging sleeve made of realistic skin-like material and carefully-placed nodules to mimic the sensation of a mouth, vagina or butt. Entry-level versions rely on the user’s hand movements, while higher-end electric models come packing a plethora of schlong-spinning skills.

REV1000 Rotating Rechargeable Male Masturbator, available at Lovehoney, priced £129.99.

REV1000 Rotating Rechargeable Male Masturbator

Male Masturbators

The personal pleasure gadget has long been something feared by men, and who can blame them with the way some sex toys look? If you’re not hot on the idea of sticking your favourite appendage into something that resembles a handheld whisk, try a male masturbator which offers the same results as a Fleshlight but isn’t as willy-shrinkingly terrifying in its structure.

These stretchy stroker sleeves are more versatile than a Tony Stark suit. Used alone, the lifelike ridges supercharge your knuckle shuffle or try throwing one into the mix with oral sex and bring foreplay to an awesome apex. Pleasure doing business with you.

Tenga Egg Male Masturbator, available at Bondara, priced £8.99 each.

Tenga Egg Male Masturbator- 'Classic' range

Prostate Massagers

Believe it or not, a healthy share of guys both straight and gay are into butt stuff (for good reason). The prostate (or the ‘P-spot’) is the male version of the G-spot and stimulating it can result in top-shelf orgasmic intensity. The best way to do this is with an ergonomically shaped prostate massager that applies pressure to the right spot, but ass-play can also involve a number of different toys.

Whatever you’re putting in there, just make sure you use plenty of lube and that it’s correctly shaped (or has a flared bottom, excuse the pun) to ensure the night doesn’t end with an awkward trip to AE.

Rocks Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager, available at Ann Summers, priced £49.99.

Rocks Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager

Cock Rings

Erections can be hard. Hard to get, hard to keep, and just generally, umm yeah, you get it. One of the simplest, yet most effective sex toys money can buy to help boost stiffness, size and stamina is a cock ring.

Despite sounding like a playground insult, this weeny wonder boosts your bedroom bratwurst by adding pressure to the base of your penis, thereby restricting blood flow and delaying orgasm. As well as the basic ring versions, other models up the ante with extras such as vibrating bullets, testicle bags and even P-spot stimulators.

Silicone Cock Ring, available at Bondara, priced £4.99.

Silicone Cock Ring - 3 Sizes

Male Vibrators

Vibrators aren’t just for ladies. Vibrators for men (also known as ‘guybrators’) take on a variety of shapes but all work by pin-pointing the most sensitive parts of the penis – the glans and frenulum – to add a mind-bending new dimension to massaging your meat flute.

As well as being great when Netflix-and-chilling for one, some male vibrators can also be boat-rockingly-good fun for everyone when worn during sex. Welcome to toyland, enjoy the ride.

Hot Octopuss PULSE III Vibrating Male Masturbator, Available at Lovehoney, priced £99.99.

Hot Octopuss PULSE III Duo Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator

Sex-Enhancing Creams And Pills

OK, so this isn’t technically a “toy”. Sex-enhancing creams and pills come in all shapes, sizes and cringe-inducing names like ‘King Size Largo Penis Enlargement Cream’. But don’t let that put you off.

The combination of natural plant extracts and herbs (who said they’re just for cooking?) found in these products claim to stimulate blood flow to the penis to stop your flag flying at half-mast or to desensitise the penis to delay ejaculation. Just don’t mix them up with your Deep Heat.

Velv’Or Aid Be Harder Penis Erection Cream, available at Lovehoney, priced £12.99.

Velv'Or Aid Be Harder Penis Erection Cream 45ml

Brave lady bit sex attacker’s finger and poked him in a eye even …

A debase who pennyless a immature mum’s leg during a horrible sex conflict was jailed for 8 years.

Brendan Corner followed his plant on a BMX bike as she walked home from Liverpool city centre after a night out.

The heroin and alcohol-fuelled 21-year-old pounded her during a connection of Earle Road and Freeman Street in Wavertree.

The lady was approached from behind, pushed to a belligerent and intimately assaulted. Corner lonesome a woman’s mouth and shouted “don’t scream”.

CCTV picture of a male military wish to pronounce to following a passionate attack in Wavertree

CCTV picture of Brendan Corner

Liverpool Crown Court listened Corner fell on her with such force that he pennyless her leg, that she described as “completely mangled”.

She bit his palm and poked him in a eye, before Corner fled with her bag, containing her mobile phone, pass and cash.

The dauntless plant dragged herself along a belligerent to a finish of a road, where she flagged down a passer-by.

The lady had left out with friends on Saturday, Aug 27 this year, though stopped celebration around midnight since she had a bustling Sunday planned.

Corner was reported by a member of a open after a ECHO ran an interest featuring military CCTV stills.

David McLachlan, prosecuting, pronounced she went to see her beloved and afterwards set off during around 3.15am.

The woman, who was wearing headphones, sent content messages to her partner and a friend, observant she was scarcely home.

Cars pulled adult alongside her with a drivers “beeping their horns” though she deserted them and kept walking.

However, she did not notice Corner, who was seen on CCTV cycling past her, before streamer down a side street.

Mr McLachlan pronounced he deserted his bike, put adult his hood and watched her approach, while “lying in wait”.

Police and paramedics attended a stage and she after underwent an operation, where a steel stick was extrinsic in her leg.

Corner was reported by a member of a open after a ECHO ran an interest featuring military CCTV stills.

The assailant contacted a force to endorse it was him, though denied any shortcoming for a passionate attack or robbery.

Corner, of Stillington Road, Dingle, certified inflicting disgusting corporeal mistreat and attack by penetration, though primarily claimed he usually dictated to sack her.

He is a convicted heroin dealer, criminal and thief, who formerly pounded and assaulted a lady in Princes Park, Toxteth in 2013.

Philip Astbury, defending, pronounced his client, who has been concerned in domestic violence, now voiced remorse.

He said: “There is zero in his forerunner story that would give a idea to this arrange of offending.”

Judge Anil Murray pronounced there was copiousness of event to sack a plant though Corner chose a ”secluded spot” to hurt her.

He said: “She was clearly vulnerable, she was a immature lady on her possess out during night and she had her headphones in.

“You pounded her in a villainous way, possibly from behind or a side, and we knocked her into a road.

“She showed measureless courage. She struggled and she bit your finger. You ran since of her fightback.

“I am certain we are a dangerous man.”

The decider jailed him for 8 years, with an extended 4 years on licence, and told him to pointer on a Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

Corner will offer during slightest dual thirds of a custodial judgment behind bars, before a recover house will cruise his release.

Charlotte McKinney is voted off Dancing With The Stars

She is a overwhelming indication who never found her feet on a dance floor.

Model Charlotte McKinney, who found luminary with her voluptuous Super Bowl ad for Carl’s Jr, was a second competitor sent home from Dancing With The Stars.

Charlotte had struggled from a commencement and was regularly during a bottom of a leaderboard – alighting there once again this week after a week in that her pro partner Keo Motsepe mislaid his cold with her for constantly being on her phone in rehearsals.

Scroll down for video 

Tough night: Charlotte McKinney became a second luminary to be separated on Monday night's part of Dancing With The Stars

Tough night: Charlotte McKinney became a second luminary to be separated on Monday night’s part of Dancing With The Stars

Latin night: The Carl's Jr blurb star and Keo Motsepe perceived low scores for their routine

Latin night: The Carl’s Jr blurb star and Keo Motsepe perceived low scores for their routine

And a beauty – who formerly non-stop adult about removing bullied for her looks – might have been usually as dissapoint during one of a comments she got before being sent home.

‘Listen my heavenly you’re never going to win a Nobel Prize for Quantum Physics, though we are easy on a eye,’ Bruno Tonioli told her to shrill boos from a throng and gainsay from his associate judges.

Julianne Hough had pronounced she was ‘so sad’ during a mislaid potential, with Keo carrying finished it transparent he was indignant during his partner for ignoring her rehearsals to instead be on her phone engagement displaying jobs.

‘You get out what we put in,’ Len Goodman told her. ‘The some-more we persperate a softened we get. Everybody’s busy, everybody’s got other jobs, you’re usually got to get out and dance.’ ‘I don’t wish to pronounce about it any more,’ he pronounced finally, expressing his disappointment during her opening on Latin Night.

She's got it! While Charlotte might not be a best dancer, she positively has something else about her, as she flaunted her overwhelming figure backstage in her glitzy bare dress with a risque plunging neckline

She’s got it! While Charlotte might not be a best dancer, she positively has something else about her, as she flaunted her overwhelming figure backstage in her glitzy bare dress with a risque plunging neckline

Second to leave: Charlotte was separated a week after Redfoo was booted from a show

Second to leave: Charlotte was separated a week after Redfoo was booted from a show

On her phone: Charlotte was scolded for spending too many time on her phone instead of rehearsing

On her phone: Charlotte was scolded for spending too many time on her phone instead of rehearsing

High praise: Keo praised Charlotte for her improvement

High praise: Keo praised Charlotte for her improvement

As she was leaving, Charlotte welled adult as she said: ‘I wanted to make Keo happy, that was a categorical thing. we feel like a softened chairman from all this, we learnt so much.’

Rumer Willis, meanwhile, drew regard for her looks AND her dancing – along with comparisons to her film star silent Demi Moore.

Having danced in a skin-tight bodysuit cut divided totally during a front and back, Carrie Ann Inaba gushed: ‘Your physique is incredible!

‘I remember looking adult to your silent in Striptease, and now looking during we I’m like damn! Amazing. And we know how to use it.’

‘Disco fanciful and you’ve got a physique of evidence!’ Bruno Tonioli agreed.

Low blow: Bruno Tonioli told Charlotte that she wasn't going to win a Nobel Prize

Low blow: Bruno Tonioli told Charlotte that she wasn’t going to win a Nobel Prize

Sad moment: Although Charlotte looked overwhelming in her graceful and unequivocally cleavage-heavy ensemble, she couldn't censor her dissapoint as she was booted off a show

Sad moment: Although Charlotte looked overwhelming in her graceful and unequivocally cleavage-heavy ensemble, she couldn’t censor her dissapoint as she was booted off a show

Impressive: The blonde beauty managed to lift out some rather heated moves, though unsuccessful to continue her army on a show

Impressive: The blonde beauty managed to lift out some rather heated moves, though unsuccessful to continue her army on a show

But she was also praised for her footwork, with Len Goodman giving her ‘disco salsa’ a 9 after he insisted: ‘That was a best dance I’ve seen this season.’

But maybe usually as eye-catching as Rumer’s physique was a approach she managed to bust open pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy’s mouth in rehearsals – leaping adult not his shoulders and outstanding him tough with her crotch.

‘It’s impassioned foreplay,’ Val joked after their performance.

But Rumer’s toughest foe for favorite still lies with Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin who came during a tip of a leaderboard for a second week using – notwithstanding injuring her ride and removing frequency any use time with partner Derek Hough.

Dazzling: She positively attempted her best, though unsuccessful to stir a judges

Dazzling: She positively attempted her best, though unsuccessful to stir a judges

A cuddle for a losers: Charlotte perceived a cuddle from her dancing partner as they were evicted

A cuddle for a losers: Charlotte perceived a cuddle from her dancing partner as they were evicted

Because of his commitments in New York, Nastia was instead practicing with pro Henry Byalikov in LA – with Derek giving instruction around video chats and video clips.

But somehow they pulled it together for a illusory dance that Julianne called ‘one of a many formidable Sambas I’ve ever seen’.

‘You’re a illusory dancer, and one thing’s for certain – you’re not going home tonight,’ Len told her as she stood subsequent to a shirtless Derek as they got dual 9s and dual 8s

Nastasia was assimilated during a tip of a leaderboard by rocker Riker Lynch who was shaken when pro Allison Holker told him he also indispensable to be voluptuous – and suggested he indispensable to dance with hi shirt open.

Good spirits: The blonde beauty was in a happy mood before filming of a show

Good spirits: The blonde beauty was in a happy mood before filming of a show

‘I got rock’n’roll voluptuous entrance or we Derek,’ Riker joked of a pro on a opposition coupling, job himself ‘a thin rocker dude’.

Wearing a parsimonious black outfit and vouchsafing Allison uncover off a flesh, he finally let her slice open his shirt during a final impulse – heading to outrageous screams from a throng and a equal top measure of a night.

‘Here’s a masculine contender right here,’ Carrie Ann finally shouted over a screams.

‘That was unimaginable – we blew my mind!’

‘I couldn’t stop removing out of my chair,’ Julianne agreed, observant she wants ‘to see some-more chemistry’ in destiny weeks.

But Len lead to boos as he gave usually a 7 after he told Riker: ‘You’re not a best dancer this deteriorate – though we could be. Because you’ve got flair. Work on your technique and you’ll be a force to reckon with.’

Fun to watch: Rumer Willis and pro partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy achieved a salsa with disco moves

Fun to watch: Rumer Willis and pro partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy achieved a salsa with disco moves

Dramatic entrance: Rumer strike a theatre underneath a rotating disco ball

Dramatic entrance: Rumer strike a theatre underneath a rotating disco ball

The Bachelor Chris Soules was many frightened of going home instead of Charlotte after scoring lowest final week – 5 points next Charlotte.

‘I felt terrible – like we wanted to burst off a cliff,’ he certified to partner Witney Carson. ‘I don’t consider I’ve ever screwed adult anything so badly in my whole life.’

‘You are a quip king!’ Julianne told him excitedly after his voluptuous Argentine Tango that got all 7s, a immeasurable improvement. ‘I am super impressed.’

Len called it his ‘best dance’ while Bruno insisted he could ‘feel sparks drifting between we two’, even job Witney ‘a suacy small girl’ notwithstanding Chris’s fiancee Whitney Bischoff examination on.

Suzanne Somers was an eye-catching steer in a splendid yellow dress and fruit headwear as she danced a Samba to Copacabana with Tony Dovolani.

Having fun: Val and Rumer got into a disco thesis by drum skating during rehearsal

Having fun: Val and Rumer got into a disco thesis by drum skating during rehearsal

Reality star: Chris Soules and pro partner Witney Carson survived another week

Reality star: Chris Soules and pro partner Witney Carson survived another week

‘A bit like your headdress, that was juicy, fruity and full of fun,’ Len told her, since Carrie Ann pronounced she ‘wants to see a small some-more depth’, clearly frustrating Tony.

After they got usually 25, Tony said: ‘Please opinion since apparently they’re not on a side.’

Suzanne insisted that her consistent grin does not meant she is not critical about a competition. ‘It’s a hardest work I’ve finished ever in my whole life’, she said.

‘Wouldn’t it be something as a 68-year-old lady to travel home with this trophy. we would unequivocally suffer that.’

NFL star Michael Sam was tighten to injuring his pro, Peta Murgatroyd, with some nasty falls as they rehearsed acrobatic throws for their salsa.

‘He gets me adult so high,’ she said, revelation they were ‘a small scary’.

‘I need to palliate adult for certain or I’m gonna mangle her,’ he said.

The judges insisted it showed in their dance.

Showing support: Whitney Bischoff was in a assembly ancillary her fiance Chris

Showing support: Whitney Bischoff was in a assembly ancillary her fiance Chris

Getting better: Michael Sam and Peta Murgatroyd overcame their problems in rehearsal

Getting better: Michael Sam and Peta Murgatroyd overcame their problems in rehearsal

High scores: Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough tied for a top measure of a night with 34 out of 40 points

High scores: Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough tied for a top measure of a night with 34 out of 40 points

Going for it: Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani survived another week

Going for it: Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani survived another week

‘That finished me so shaken a whole time,’ Carrie ann admitted. ‘I didn’t feel protected examination it.’

‘I didn’t wish to harm her tonight, that was my categorical focus,’ he certified later.

Bruno, however, warned Michael to boos from a assembly that he got his ‘timing really, unequivocally wrong’ as they got a measure of usually 24.

Meanwhile Shark Tank star Robert Herjavic had a biggest impulse in rehearsals – being changed to tears by how ‘beautiful’ he suspicion their rehearsals were.

‘Seriously, it was beautiful,’ he told pro partner Kym Johnson who he is widely rumored to be dating in genuine life.

While still not addressing those rumors, Robert did pronounce movingly of her while deliberating behind pain he was suffering, as he said: ‘No matter how many pain I’m in I’m so propitious to have Kym to get me by it.’

And a judges seem to consider something is going on, with Bruno observant after their rumba: ‘That’s how we set a mood, a mood for love.’

Lowest score: Patti LaBelle and Artem Chigvintsev had a lowest scores of a night

Lowest score: Patti LaBelle and Artem Chigvintsev had a lowest scores of a night

The judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Julianne Hough and Tony reviewed a dancers

The judges: Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Julianne Hough and Tony reviewed a dancers

High scores: Riker Lynch and Allison Holker tied for high measure with 34 points

High scores: Riker Lynch and Allison Holker tied for high measure with 34 points

He afterwards hugged Julianne’s neck, observant ‘Me adore we prolonged time’ – withdrawal his associate decider looking reduction than impressed.

‘Your chemistry is ridiculous,’ Carrie Ann told Robert and Kym, joking that she was ‘praying to a porcelain god’ carrying final week told them she found their chemistry nauseating.

Len warned that he is usually ‘middle of a pack’, and combined before they got a 29: ‘Everything is good, zero is great.’

Co-host Erin Andrew after joked that Allison looked like she was in a marriage dress – and suggested they conduct to Vegas to get hitched. 

Pattie LaBelle has been a transparent throng favorite – though not a judges’ this week, where she assimilated Charlotte in removing a lowest measure of 22.

‘I was a small underwhelmed,’ Carrie Ann admitted, carrying called her ‘such an animated, absolute performer’, while Len criticized pro Artem Chigvintsey for not creation certain there was adequate cha cha cha.

Solid performance: Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess scored 30 points from a judges

Solid performance: Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess scored 30 points from a judges

Room for improvement: Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson scored 29 points

Room for improvement: Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson scored 29 points

The hosts: Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews presented a show

The hosts: Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews presented a show

But she still brought on a fan favorite impulse – with many of a group stripping off their shirts as she spoke to Erin who told her: ‘Just spin around and suffer a view.’

The youngest contender, 14-year-old Hunger Games star singer Willow Shields, had a bigger shock after spiteful her rib during practice, withdrawal her brief for breathe in essential dress rehearsals.

‘She’s so tough and saying her cry unequivocally finished me frightened for her,’ partner Mark Ballas admitted.

But their fire-and-ice Paso Doble got all 8s, one of a best scores of a night, and Julianne insisted: ‘Every singular week we have softened over belief.’

Shirtless and buff: Derek Hough flaunted his fit physique before filming of a show 

Shirtless and buff: Derek Hough flaunted his fit physique before filming of a show 

The Girl On Fire? Willow Shields cut a rather splendid and burning figure in her red, flame-printed dress

The Girl On Fire? Willow Shields cut a rather splendid and burning figure in her red, flame-printed dress

‘First Paso of a deteriorate — that’s going to be tough to beat,’ Len told her, while Carrie Ann called her ‘a seasoned performer’.

Sergeant Noah Galloway, who mislaid an arm and a leg during war, had attempted to take a uncover to a whole new technological turn and use a prosthetic arm – though finished adult ditching it as he found it too alien.

‘I don’t wish we to stress, though we wish we to know how extraordinary this could be, pro partner Sharna Burgess had attempted to inspire him, before relenting to his wishes.

‘That is a best dance we have done,’ Julianne told him after his opening that got a 30 with dual 7s and dual 8s. ‘Everything was so clever and we am blown away.’

‘That was miraculous,’ Bruno agreed, while Len told him: ‘You’re my hero.’  

Another reason to go topless! Dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy - Rumer Willis' partner - showed off his honed physique

Another reason to go topless! Dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy – Rumer Willis’ partner – showed off his honed physique

Blue afternoon: Patti LaBelle looked poetic in her dancing garb before holding to a theatre on DWTS

Blue afternoon: Patti LaBelle looked poetic in her dancing garb before holding to a theatre on DWTS

The Real Reason Women Fake Orgasms

But just tolerating mediocre or even bad sex is a terrible idea! "When you're hoping that sex ends and are disengaged from the experience, you are dissociating," says Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, founder and chief relationship advisor of Relationup and an ABS-certified clinical sexologist. "Even though this sexual experience is consensual, by feeling dissociated from the experience, you feel the strangeness and awfulness of having something sexual done to you that you don't want to be occurring."

Faking orgasms creates a negative feedback loop

To end the cycle of faking orgasms, all parties must find their voice in the bedroom and speak up.

"If you fake it once and he thinks what he is doing is working, he will continue to do what he thinks will work next time," says Connell. If something feels good, give your partner props and reinforce the behavior. Know that it's perfectly OK to stop a consensual sex experience if it isn't doing it for you. Ditto for not coming at all. Sex is all about creating boundaries.

10 Cunnilingus Problems and How To Fix Them

First things first: Contrary to what popular culture might have you believe, not everyone loves getting head. "Some of us aren't that comfortable with having someone between our legs for an extended period of time for a myriad of emotional or physical reasons," sex educator and adult performer Kelly Shibari tells Cosmopolitan.com — and that's more than all right. But if you're into cunnilingus and want to enjoy it more than you already do, there are common problems you may experience as well as ways to address them — read on for insight from the experts.

1. You're actually not wet enough. You might think you don't need any extra lubrication, especially if you're already wet (or there's a lot of saliva in action), but "it can still be beneficial to add a bit of lube, especially if you plan on fingering the vulva during oral sex," says Zoë Ligon, sex educator and founder of sex toy boutique Spectrum. "If you're worried about how the lube might negatively affect the taste, try a tasteless and odorless lube like Sliquid H2O, or even a sugar-free flavored lube like Sliquid Swirl." You could find that a little more wetness increases your pleasure immensely.

2. You're worried about how you taste. Firstly, remember that if your vagina is healthy — that is, you don't have any sort of bacterial infection, like bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis — however it smells and tastes is totally fine, and anyone who shames you for it probably doesn't deserve to have their head down there. "It's important to remember that vulvas can taste all types of ways," Ligon says. "The taste of a vulva can change based on something as simple as where a person is in their cycle, and the balance of naturally occurring bacteria in the vaginal canal can change because of many different factors." That said, again, you can feel free to experiment with flavored lubes, such as the (admittedly delicious) lubes from Wicked Sensual Care (they're flavored with stevia, meaning no infection risk for you — because nothing ruins a good time like some uninvited yeast).

3. The stimulation isn't varied enough. Don't shy away from introducing a toy into the action, or from having your partner finger you at the same time. Inserting fingers into the vagina on top of tongue stimulation on your clit and labia could be the double whammy that you need to get the most out of oral. "If you tire of using your fingers during oral sex, try getting a wand-style dildo like the Comet Wand or Fun Wand to use in tandem with your mouth," Ligon says. These toys can help your partner stimulate the sensitive front wall of your vagina at the same time as their tongue is on your clit, which is pretty much divine.

4. You're not talking enough before or after the act. Every vagina is different, and your partner, for better or worse, is likely not a mind reader. "There's no way to truly know whether your partner will prefer light, fluttering licks, or intense pressure and sucking unless you ask them," Ligon says. Yes, you can talk about what gets you off beforehand, but often the most effective approach is to give feedback during the act itself so that you can ask for more or less pressure, focus on a different area, and so on — you often won't know what feels great until you're, well, feeling it.

5. You feel self-conscious when all of the focus is on you. If there's something about all of the focus being on you that makes you uncomfortable, especially if you feel self-conscious that you might not orgasm at the end of your partner's hard work — you shouldn't, but let me just say I can emphasize with the feeling — then 69ing might be for you: You'll get all of the benefit of your partner's lips and tongue getting to work at the same time as you're returning the favor. Another trick for getting out of the "Am I coming yet? Am I coming yet?" mental loop that can distract you while you're getting head: Set the timer for five, 10, or 15 minutes, and then have your partner give you head for that amount of time. That time is your time, and the end goal isn't (implicitly or explicitly) orgasm — it's just to enjoy a predetermined amount of oral from someone who wants to give it to you.

6. You're jumping into the act too quickly. Yes, oral can be foreplay, but it can help to have a pre-pre-party first and warm up with making out, fingering, and whatever else strikes your fancy so that you're in the right headspace to enjoy head. "Take your time before moving into receiving oral sex," sex educator Sarah Sloane tells Cosmopolitan.com. "An aroused body experiences pleasure differently than one that's not turned on, so linger on the kissing and touching until everything is engaged before you open up to them." Having someone's head between your thighs can feel super intimate and vulnerable, so it's good to get yourself and your body comfortable with that person before they dive in.

7. You haven't found the right position for mind-blowing head. For easier access for your partner, it can help to tilt your pelvis upward by placing a pillow under your lower back. As Sloane points out, "it keeps your back relaxed and lets you enjoy every second of lovemaking without getting a spasm at the wrong moment." Instead of lying on your back, you can also try straddling your partner's face. "I know it sounds intense," sex educator Vanessa Marin says, "but it's a position that gives you a great amount of control. You can inch your body further away from your partner if they start getting too intense, or can press down a bit if you want more contact. It also frees your partner up to use both hands on you." Bonus: It puts less strain on your partner's neck, meaning that they can comfortably go for even longer.

8. You're not taking enough control. As long as you're talking it out with your partner beforehand, there's no reason that you have to lie back passively and simply receive. Thrust your hips, move against their mouth, even hold their head. "Move your body in a way that feels good to you, so they can pick up on your rhythm and work with you," Sloane says.

9. Your partner doesn't know how you touch yourself. A great way to give your partner guidance is by showing, not telling — that is, by masturbating in front of them. It will help them pick up on what kinds of pressure, speed, and rhythms get you going. "Let them get close and see exactly how you're touching yourself, so they can learn more about the places and ways you like to be touched," Sloane says. "It's an easy translation from fingers to tongues, once they know your language."

10. You feel awkward about giving your partner feedback. It can be tough to voice your desires to a partner when it feels like you're criticizing them and when it's hard to know exactly what those desires are. "Since oral isn't something that you can do to yourself, it's hard to know how to instruct a partner," Marin points out. "My general advice is to think of it as giving feedback, not directions. Directions imply that you're supposed to know exactly what to tell your partner to do. If you think you have to give perfect, step-by-step directions, of course you're going to feel self-conscious and perfectionistic." Instead of feeling like you have to give your partner a flawless tongue-driven road map to your orgasm, focus on letting them know how to adjust what they're already doing by using phrases like "harder," "slower," "more gentle," "a little higher up." Not all of your feedback has to be verbal either — for example, before you get started, you could tell your partner that the louder you moan, the more you like what they're doing, Sloan suggests. And, of course, all of the feedback in the world won't make up for a partner who isn't receptive to it. When your pleasure is a priority for both you and your partner, oral is exponentially more likely to lead to an O.

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The crowd-pleaser: What is a many renouned sex position?

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

AlterNet Defining sex is easy, but having it is slightly more complicated — namely, because there are a lot of different ways to get it on. But is there a crowd favorite out there?

According to Dr. Ed, there is. In a survey of 2,000 people in the United States and the United Kingdom, the team at Dr. Ed found that more people prefer doggy style to any other position. According to their experts, doggy style “allows for deeper penetration,” making the G-spot easier to reach. Perhaps that’s why over 35 percent of respondents tagged it as their go-to favorite. Missionary came in second, with cowgirl following close behind.

Other popular positions included holding legs up, spooning and reverse cowgirl. The 69 position also made it onto the list, a rather unsurprising finding. Research suggests oral sex is one of the most reliable means by which women can achieve orgasm.

But while both men and women agreed that doggy style was the most enjoyable way to have sex, they weren’t able to see eye-to-eye in all areas. Men ranked anal sex as the ninth most pleasurable position, while it didn’t even make it into the top 10 list for women. (Some research has shown that anal sex is becoming more popular among some women.)

Sexual orientation didn’t seem to influence the respondents’ preferences in any significant way. Straight, bisexual and gay participants all ranked doggy style as their favorite position.

Curiosity about certain sexual positions spanned the spectrum of sexual orientation. All respondents were equally curious about the tabletop position (in which one partner sits on the edge of a table while the other penetrates them while standing up). The 69 position while standing up was another popular pick on the wish list.

Apparently, most of the guys learned about these stunts online. Fifty-three percent of men surveyed said they picked up their sex moves from porn. Women, on the other hand, said they learned about their favorite sex positions from a real-life partner.

But maybe there’s something about watching all that online smut that makes one a little bit more adventurous. Over 75 percent of men said they were the ones to initiate a new position. Fifty-nine percent of women admitted that their partners were the ones wanting to mix it up.

But as they say, in life, there is no pleasure without pain. Nearly 38 percent of men said the thing that scared them most about sex was the possibility of hurting their partner — not exactly a huge surprise, given the number interested in anal sex. Less than 9 percent listed hurting themselves as a concern (they must have missed our article on broken penises). Women were more worried about not being able to sufficiently please their partner. Over 31 percent were worried about not being flexible enough in bed.

Check out the rest of the survey results.

Tokai timberland murder indicted points finger during ‘Jakkals’ for Franziska killing

Franziska Blchliger
Franziska Blöchliger

Details about a murder of Franziska Blochliger in Tokai timberland in Mar emerged in justice for a initial time on Tuesday.

In an confirmation review out in a Wynberg Magistrate’s Court by his attorney‚ one of a 4 group indicted of murdering‚ raping and robbing a 16-year-old forked a finger during one of his co-accused.

Howard Oliver‚ of Westlake‚ pronounced Jonathan Jonas — famous as Jakkals — hold him warrant in a fynbos while he raped Franziska.

The schoolgirl was strangled and suffocated and postulated blunt-force mishap when she was pounded in Tokai timberland on Mar 7. Sand was found in her throat and she had been raped vaginally and anally.

She had organised to accommodate her mom after going jogging by herself. When Franziska did not arrive during a concluded assembly place‚ a family began to worry and her physique was found during a search. She had been attacked of her iPhone‚ watch‚ headset and solid ring.

Oliver filed his confirmation in support of a bail application‚ observant Jonas had threatened him and threatened to kill his wife.

He pronounced on a day of a murder‚ Mar 7‚ he was ostensible to compensate R200 balance to his child’s creche. He went around a village seeking for a loan‚ and after unwell to get one he bought a mandrax inscription with his final R10.

He went to Klein Constantia‚ where he was a jack-of-all-trades earning R120 a day‚ and asked if he could take a day off to arrange out a matter.

He left during about midday and walked home‚ where he smoked his mandrax and ate lunch. He pronounced during that indicate he realised there were lots of people using in a timberland with their dogs and he had a suspicion of robbing one of them to get a income he needed.

He afterwards found Jonas in a timberland and after revelation him about his suspicion saw someone jogging with a cellphone strapped to her arm.

He approached her and choked her from behind until she slipped out of his arms‚ unconscious. He took a cellphone and wanted to leave.

However‚ she regained alertness and Jonas pulled out a gun and forked it during her before robbing her of a necklace and a ring.

Jonas afterwards grabbed a lady and told Oliver to go into a fynbos with them. Jonas claimed he pleaded with him to let him and a lady go.

Jonas pronounced he suspicion Franziska was still respirating when they left her in a fynbos.

Oliver pronounced he attempted to sell a cellphone to people subsequent to a side of a highway though no one wanted to buy it since it had a pin code.

He afterwards pronounced he afterwards asked Jerome Moses to assistance him sell a phone. They eventually sole it to Daniel Easter. Moses and Easter are also confronting charges in a case.

Oliver seemed stressed and fearful as a confirmation was read. Moses exchanged a peek with Jonas‚ who was shouting and jolt his head.

As Jonas‚ who was in chains‚ walked down a stairs to a cells during a lunch mangle he done a palm vigilance to Moses as if to contend “I’m examination you”.

The conference was adjourned‚ shortly after a lunch break‚ until Friday‚ following “threats made” opposite Oliver and his family.

Oliver’s profession Monique Clarsen pronounced she was not “willing to play with people’s lives”.

The Armageddon virus: Why experts fear a illness that leaps from animals to humans could fleece humankind in a …

  • Warning comes after male died from a Sars-like micro-organism that had formerly usually been seen in bats
  • Earlier this month a male from Glasgow died from a tick-borne illness that is widespread in
    domestic and furious animals in Africa and Asia

John Naish



Armageddon: Scientists have warned that a tellurian viral conflict is unavoidable within 5 years

Armageddon: Scientists have warned that a tellurian viral conflict is unavoidable within 5 years

The symptoms seem unexpected with a headache, high fever, corner pain, stomach pain and vomiting.

As a illness progresses, patients can rise vast areas of bruising and rash bleeding. In during slightest 30  per cent of cases, Crimean-Congo Viral Hemorrhagic Fever is fatal.

And so it valid this month when a 38-year-old garage owners from Glasgow, who had been to his brother’s marriage in Afghanistan, became a UK’s initial reliable plant of a tick-borne viral illness when he died during a high-security swelling illness section during London’s Royal Free Hospital.

It is a illness widespread in
domestic and furious animals in Africa and Asia — and one that has jumped
the class separator to taint humans with fatal effect.

But a unnamed man’s genocide was not a usually time recently a unfamiliar micro-organism had struck in this nation for a initial time.

month, a 49-year-old male entered London’s St Thomas’ sanatorium with a
raging fever, serious cough and unfortunate problem in breathing.

gimlet all a hallmarks of a fatal Sars micro-organism that killed nearly
1,000 people in 2003 — though blood tests quick showed that this
terrifyingly destructive infection was not Sars. Nor was it any other virus
nonetheless famous to medical science.

Worse still, a gasping, sweating studious was quick succumbing to kidney failure, a potentially fatal snarl that had never before been seen in such a case.

As medical staff quarantined their critically-ill patient, aroused questions began to mount. The stricken male had recently come from Qatar in a Middle East. What on earth had he picked adult there? Had he already putrescent others with it?

Using a latest high-tech gene-scanning technique, scientists during a Health Protection Agency started to square together clues from hankie samples taken from a Qatari patient, who was now bending adult to a life-support machine.

The formula were extraordinary. Yes, a micro-organism is from a same family as Sars. But a make-up is totally new. It has come not from humans, though from animals. Its closest famous kin have been found in Asiatic bats.

The investigators also discovered
that a micro-organism has already killed someone. Searches of tellurian medical
databases suggested a same puzzling micro-organism sneaking in samples taken
from a 60-year-old male who had died in Saudi Arabia in July.

Scroll down for video

Potentially deadly: The male suffered from CCHF, a illness transmitted by ticks (pictured) that is generally common in East and West Africa

Potentially deadly: The male suffered from CCHF, a illness transmitted by ticks (pictured) that is generally common in East and West Africa

When a Health Protection Agency
warned a universe of this newly- rising micro-organism final month, it lighted a
stark fear among medical experts.

Could this be a subsequent bird flu, or
even a subsequent ‘Spanish flu’ — a world’s biggest pandemic, which
claimed between 50 million and 100 million lives opposite a creation from
1918 to 1919?

In all these outbreaks, a micro-organism obliged came from an animal. Analysts now trust that a Spanish influenza pestilence originated from a furious nautical bird.

The terrifying fact is that viruses that conduct to burst to us from animals — called zoonoses — can wreak massacre since of their startling ability to locate us on a bound and widespread quick by a competition when we slightest design it.

One heading British virologist,  Professor John Oxford during Queen Mary Hospital, University of London, and a universe management on epidemics, warns that we contingency design an animal-originated pestilence to strike a universe within a subsequent 5 years, with potentially cataclysmic effects on a tellurian race.

Such a contagion, he believes, will be a new aria of super-flu, a rarely swelling micro-organism that competence issue in some far-flung backwater of Asia or Africa, and be engaged by one chairman from a furious animal or domestic beast, such as a duck or pig.

By a time a initial plant has succumbed to this unknown, unsuspected new illness, they will have widespread it by coughs and sneezes to family, friends, and all those collected anxiously around them.

Thanks to a crowded, hyper-connected world, this doomsday micro-organism will already have begun channel a creation by air, rail, highway and sea before even a best smarts in medicine have begun to cut during a genetic secrets. Before it even has a name, it will have started to cut a fatal tie by a world’s population.

The high confidence unit

High security: The high confidence section where a male was treated for a potentially fatal illness though after died

If this new micro-organism follows a settlement of a pestilence of 1918-1919, it will rigourously reap mass harvests of immature and fit people.

die since of something called a ‘cytokine storm’ — a vast
overreaction of their clever and fit defence systems that is
prompted by a virus.

This rash response browns them
with a heat and wracks their bodies with revulsion and large fatigue.
The hyper-activated defence complement indeed kills a person, rather than
murdering a super-virus.

Professor Oxford bases his prophecy on chronological patterns.

The past century has certainly
provided us with many unfortunate precedents. For example, a 2003
global conflict of Sars, a serious strident respiratory syndrome that
killed scarcely 1,000 people, was transmitted to humans from Asian civet
cats in China.

In Nov 2002, it initial widespread among people operative during a live animal marketplace in a southern Guangdong province, where civets were being sold.

Nowadays, a hazard from such zoonoses is distant larger than ever, interjection to complicated record and tellurian competition growth. Mass ride such as airliners can quick fan outbreaks of newly- rising zoonoses into fatal tellurian wildfires.

The Sars micro-organism was widespread when a Chinese highbrow of respiratory medicine treating people with a syndrome fell ill when he trafficked to Hong Kong, carrying a micro-organism with him.

By Feb 2003, it had lonesome a universe by hitching easy rises with airline passengers. Between Mar and Jul 2003, some 8,400 illusive cases of Sars had been reported in 32 countries.

It is a identical story with H1N1 hog flu, a 2009 influenza pestilence that putrescent hundreds of millions around a world. It is now believed to have originated in herds of pigs in Mexico before infecting humans who boarded flights to innumerable destinations.

Once these stowaway viruses get off a plane, they don’t have to learn a new denunciation or new internal customs.

Fears: Professor John Oxford during Queen Mary Hospital warns of a pestilence within a subsequent 5 years

Fears: Professor John Oxford during Queen Mary Hospital warns of a pestilence within a subsequent 5 years

Genetically, we humans are not very
diverse; an widespread that can kill people in one partial of a universe can
kill them in any other usually as easily.

On tip of this, a risk of catching
such fatal contagions from furious animals is flourishing massively, interjection to
humankind’s relentless intrusion into a world’s jungles and
rainforests, where we increasingly come into strike for a initial time
with different viral killers that have been elaborating and incubating in
wild creatures for millennia.

This month, an general research
group announced it had identified an wholly new African micro-organism that
killed dual teenagers in a Democratic Republic of a Congo in 2009.

The micro-organism prompted strident hemorrhagic
fever, that causes inauspicious widespread draining from a eyes,
ears, nose and mouth, and can kill in days.

A 15-year-old child and a 13-year-old lady who attended a same propagandize both fell ill unexpected and succumbed rapidly. A week after a girl’s death, a helper who cared for her grown identical symptoms. He usually narrowly survived.

The new bacillus is named Bas-Congo micro-organism (BASV), after a range where a 3 victims lived. It belongs to a family of viruses famous as rhabdoviruses, that includes rabies.

A news in a biography PLoS Pathogens says a micro-organism substantially originated in internal wildlife and was upheld to humans through  insect bites or some other as-yet unclear means.

There are copiousness of other new viral possibilities watchful in a wings, guts, exhale and blood of animals around us. You can, for example, locate leprosy from armadillos, that lift a micro-organism in their shells and are obliged for a third of leprosy cases in a U.S.

Horses can broadcast a Hendra virus, that can means fatal respiratory and neurological illness in people.

In a new book that should give us all postponement for thought, award-winning U.S. healthy story author David Quammen points to a horde of animal-derived infections that now explain lives with rare regularity. The trend can usually get worse, he warns.

Quammen highlights a Ebola heat virus, that initial struck in Zaire in 1976. The virus’s energy is terrifying, with deadliness rates as high as 90 per cent. The latest mass conflict of a virus, in a Congo final month, is reported to have killed 36 people out of 81 suspected cases.

According to Quammen, Ebola substantially originated in bats. The bats afterwards putrescent African apes, utterly substantially by a apes entrance into strike with bat droppings. The micro-organism afterwards putrescent internal hunters who had eaten a apes as bushmeat.

Quammen believes a identical settlement occurred with a HIV virus, that substantially originated in a singular chimpanzee in Cameroon.

Studies of a virus’s genes advise it competence have initial developed as early as 1908. It was not until a Sixties that it seemed in humans, in large African cities. By a Eighties, it was swelling by airlines to America. Since then, Aids has killed around 30 million people and putrescent another 33 million.

There is one forgiveness with Ebola and HIV. They can't be transmitted by coughs and sneezes. ‘Ebola is endemic from tellurian to tellurian by approach strike with corporeal fluids. It can be stopped by preventing such contact,’ Quammen explains.

‘If HIV could be transmitted by air, we and we competence already be dead. If a rabies micro-organism — another zoonosis — could be transmitted by air, it would be a many horrific micro-organism on a planet.’

Viruses such as Ebola have another limitation, on tip of their process of transmission. They kill and impair people too quickly. In sequence to widespread into pandemics, zoonoses need their tellurian hosts to be both swelling and alive for as prolonged as possible, so that a micro-organism can keep casting a fatal tentacles opposite a world’s population.

But there is one zoonosis that can do all a right (or wrong) things. It is a aged adversary, flu. It is simply transmitted by a air, around sneezes and coughs.

Sars can do this, too. But influenza has a serve advantage. As Quammen points out: ‘With Sars, symptoms tend to seem in a chairman before, rather than after, that chairman becomes rarely infectious.

Isolation: Unlike Sars a symptoms of this new illness competence not be apparent before a widespread of infection

Isolation: Unlike Sars a symptoms of this new illness competence not be apparent before a widespread of infection

‘That authorised many Sars cases to be recognised, hospitalised and placed in siege before they strike their rise of infectivity. But with influenza and many other diseases, a sequence is reversed.’

Someone who has an swelling box of a new and potentially fatal aria of influenza can be walking about innocently spluttering it over everybody around them for days before they turn incapacitated.

Such reasons lead Professor Oxford, a universe management on epidemics, to advise that a new tellurian pestilence of animal-derived influenza is inevitable. And, he says, a time is ticking fast.

Professor Oxford’s warning is as sheer as it is certain: ‘I consider it is unavoidable that we will have another large tellurian conflict of flu,’ he says. ‘We should devise for one rising in 2017-2018.’

But are we sufficient prepared to cope?

Professor Oxford warns that observant notice is a usually genuine answer that we have.

‘New influenza strains are a day-to-day problem and we have to be really clever to keep on tip of them,’ he says.

‘We now have systematic processes enabling us to quick brand a genome of a micro-organism behind a new illness, so that we know what we are traffic with. The best we can do after that is to rise and save vaccines and antiviral drugs that can quarrel new strains that we see emerging.’

But a Professor is disturbed a politicians are not taking  this certainty of mass genocide severely enough.

Such default could come during a tellurian cost so unprecedentedly high that it would volume to rapist negligence. The competition opposite newly-emerging animal-derived diseases is one that we have to win each time. A pestilence micro-organism needs to win usually once and it could be a finish of humankind.

VIDEO: Signs and symptoms of Crimean-Congo Viral Hemorrhagic Fever… 

Westland module gives teenagers a facts

Knowing the facts — the real facts — of life may be all that stands between many teenagers and a life-changing experience like an unintended pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease.

While the consequences of those facts are a reality for some local teenagers, the city of Westland is hoping to reduce these risks through a program aimed at educating teenagers about making responsible choices about sex and relationships.

The Be Proud, Be Responsible program, is a six-hour day-long program for ages 12-19 designed to provide the knowledge, motivation and skills necessary to change their behaviors in ways that will reduce their risk of pregnancy or contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Now in its fourth year, the free program is offered through the Westland Youth Assistance program in conjunction with the Beaumont Hospital Taylor Teen Center, and is open to youth in the city of Westland and neighboring communities.

“This program is all about helping kids and having them learn facts that will serve them throughout their lives.  We don’t just want them to be OK today, we want them to be OK down the road. We don’t want them contracting something or getting into a situation that that will stick with them and affect them for a lifetime,” said Paul Motz, Westland Youth Assistance Program director.

Part of a federally funded “Taking Pride in Prevention” grant through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Be Proud, Be Responsible program focuses on addressing the high rates of pregnancy and STD’s among ages 12-19, according to Jeff Cook, director of Child Adolescent Health at Beaumont Health.

The program began in 2012, when statistics released by the state health department showed Westland teens at particularly high risk for both teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

“Wayne-Westland was in the top 10 — I believe it was number 10 — in the state in both of those areas,” Cook said.

Westland wasn’t alone. According to 2014 data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Wayne County has the highest rate in the state of pregnancy among females ages 15-19, as well as reported cases of HIV and other STDs.

“Our goal with the program was to increase knowledge and increase protective factors with our youth,” Cook said, “We want to give the tools they need to reduce the dangers of high risk behavior.”

The program is held monthly. The next one is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 10 at the Jefferson Barns Community Vitality Center, 32150 Dorsey, Westland. There are times when the program is offered more frequently, said Thana Ali, deputy director of the Westland Youth Assistance Program.

The Be Proud, Be Responsible program curriculum spans topics ranging from the facts and misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS; attitudes and beliefs about safe sex, building negotiation and refusal skills and more.

Other topics included in the program are decision-making skills, topics surrounding substance abuse and sex as well as information on where and how to get tested for an STD.

Both Ali and Motz said that while there is a lot of information to cover, it is very interactive and the kids are very responsive. Breakfast snacks, a lunch and prizes are also offered to attendees as an extra incentive.

Birth control or condoms are not provided in the program, but knowledge is shared to help teens make educated decisions,” Ali said.

Ali said that although the sessions may begin on a quiet, tentative note, it doesn’t take long for the kids to begin to open up,

Creating a safe space for them to share their questions and concerns freely is key, she said, and it is important that parents need are aware that their teens know more about sex than they may realize.

“It really is pretty amazing: if you create as comfortable, safe place for even the quietest kid, they will open up to you and they can express themselves effectively. Once they feel comfortable and start to talk, they have a lot of questions. They are naturally curious,” Ali said.

Ali said that it is very important to have open dialogue with teens in order that ensure that the information they have regarding pregnancy and STDs is factually correct.

“The influence of the media is strong. Kids get messages that have no basis in fact,” Ali said, adding “kids know a lot — not all of it is accurate. It is so important that they learn what the reality is instead of something they may have heard in a song or seen in a video.”

Some of their mistaken beliefs can be quite astounding — indicating a strong need for increased education on the topic, Motz said.

“There are so many misconceptions — ranging from ‘you can’t get pregnant the first time you do it’ and beyond," said Motz, “that you are doing your child huge favors by having them attend this program and learn the real facts.”

Since its inception, the program has reached between 150-175 teens annually, he estimated. While some are referred to the program, others may attend on their own.

“Sometimes, it is as simple as a parent calling us and saying, ‘my child is sexually active and I am concerned,’” Motz said. However, he noted, the program is valuable to all teens.

“Enrolling your kids is one of the biggest favors a parent can do for their child — whether your child is a 4.0 student or a star athlete — this is important information that they have a right to know, he said, adding, “This is the information parents need to give their kids. These kids go off to college — they need to know this. They really do need to be educated about safe and responsible sex.”

The community has been very supportive of the program and praises the Wayne-Westland School District in “allowing us to promote this program; they recognize the importance of it and have been very helpful,” he said.

Studies are currently underway to determine the impact of the program, Cook said.

Motz said he believes the program has a positive effect. “We are hoping we have made a difference. Things don’t change overnight but the more people we can educate, the better off we all are,” he said.

For Ali, the experience of teaching these classes has been eye-opening.

“These kids teach me more than I teach them,” she said. Many times, “They come in and think they know everything. It is awesome at the end of the day when they discover that the learned something new and can admit it. If it is something as small as that then we have accomplished something great.”

Teens at high risk

Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise and new data from the United States Center for Disease Control shows that teens are at particularly high risk. The CDC reports that rates for sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are at an unprecedented high, and most of these infections are reported among ages 15-24.

“The consequences of STDs are especially severe for young people,” said Dr. Gail Bolan, director of CDC’s Division of STD Prevention. “Because chlamydia and gonorrhea often have no symptoms, many infections go undiagnosed and this can lead to lifelong repercussions for a woman’s reproductive health, including pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

Conversing with your teen about the risks involved with sexual activity is vita, local experts say.

Here are tips for parents on speaking with your teen about sex from Beaumont Health’s Jeff Cook, Director of Child Adolescent Health, Westland Youth Assistance Program Director Paul Motz and Deputy Director Thana Ali.